Hometown Girls - THE STRYPES
Jun 04, 2019 | ดู 171 ครั้ง

[Verse 1: Ross Farrelly]
I wanna tell you
But I can't spit it out
Tr tr tr tripping on my tongue and my mouth is stiff
Feels like I'm hanging off the edge of a cliff
And my eyes can't pick a pocket
Where they're happy to stick
I'm running from the point
Babe I'm missing a trick
With you
My line is up but girl I'm missing my cue

[Chorus: Ross Farrelly]
Can't you give me a fix
I'm craving confidence
I reek of sweat and teenage innocence
I want you so
But I know you'll never know
Cause I'm too shy for the hometown girls

[Verse 2: Ross Farrelly]
I wanna tell you but I'm sick with the fright
Sl sl sl slipping up I'm caught in the light of lust
I get the feeling that you ain't too fussed
My head feels heavy as the regret sinks in
I shouldn't be afraid to take it on the chin
But I duck
I miss that jab but I'm hit with the hook

[Chorus: Ross Farrelly]

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